Diesel Engine Manufacturer

Founded in Beijing on the August of 2004, Beichai Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized diesel engine manufacturer in China. We produce high quality water cooled and air cooled diesel engine, water cooled diesel generator, and air cooled diesel genset. Our products are all built domestically with advanced foreign technologies. Our 4JB1 and 4JB1T series water cooled diesel engines are manufactured in China and incorporated with advanced Japanese ISUZU technology. Beichai Power Equipment also aggressively markets the 912 and 913 series air cooled and 1015 series water cooled diesel engines built with German DEUTZ technology. Our other popular models include the diesel generator sets with Cummins, Perkins, DEUTZ, and ISUZU technology. In addition, we make miscellaneous engine parts and supply third party Chinese brand diesel generators, if they are specifically requested by clients. Other machines such as core drilling machine and mud pump powered by our engines can also be provided by request.

  • ISUZU 4JB1 Water Cooled Diesel Engine ISUZU 4JB1 Water Cooled Diesel Engine Crankshaft speed: 1500-1800 rpm.
    Power: 24-32 kw Power.
    Four cylinders in-line engine with water cooling system and normal air intake system.
    Model of flywheel housing: SAE4.
  • ISUZU 4JB1T Water Cooled Diesel Engine ISUZU 4JB1T Water Cooled Diesel EnginePower: 28-38 kw.
    Turbocharged engine with four cylinders in-line and water cooling system.
    Widely applied to various kinds of truck, bus, construction machinery and electric generating set.
  • F4L912 Air Cooled Diesel Engine F4L912 Air Cooled Diesel EngineCrankshaft speed: 1500 -2500 rpm
    Power: 32-51 kw
    Type: four cylinders in-line engine with four strokes, air cooling system and normal air intake system
    Size of flywheel: 8-inch, 10-inch and 11.5-inch.
  • F6L912 Air Cooled Diesel Engine F6L912 Air Cooled Diesel EngineType: six cylinders in-line engine with four strokes, air cooling system and normal air intake system.
    Power: 48-78 kw
    Flywheel housing: SAE3 and SAE4 Model. With size of 8-inch, 10-inch or 11.5-inch according to needs.
  • BF6L913C Air Cooled Diesel Engine BF6L913C Air Cooled Diesel EngineUsed in fields of construction machinery, marine machinery, petroleum exploitation and fields which require large driving force.
    Power: 84-141 kw
    Type: six-cylinder in-line engine with four strokes, technology of turbocharging and intercooling.
  • ISUZU Water Cooled Diesel GeneratorISUZU Water Cooled Diesel GeneratorEspecially fit for areas of mine, railway, field site, road traffic maintenance, factory, hospital.
    Type of Speed Governor: Mechanical Governor.
  • DEUTZ Air Cooled Diesel Generator DEUTZ Air Cooled Diesel GeneratorType of speed governor: mechanical governor/ electronic governor.
    Especially suitable for use in droughty area which lacks of water.
    Range from 12kw to 55kw and standby power ranges from 14kw to 60kw.
  • XY-6B Core Drilling Machine XY-6B Core Drilling MachineA kind of mechanical transmission and hydraulic feeding spindle type core drilling equipment.
    Widely applied for large borehole core drilling with diamond bit, solid mineral resources exploration and shallow petroleum and gas exploration.