F4L912 Air Cooled Diesel Engine

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F4L912 Air Cooled Diesel Engine

The F4L912 air cooled diesel engine of our company can fully satisfy the needs of customers. By taking air cooling system to achieve heat dissipation, it has much simpler structure of cooling system than water cooled product. It doesn't need water and has no failures of water leakage, freeze and boiling, which allows for much higher working reliability and more convenient use. When working with part load, the product performs well in thermal condition and it won't lead to undercooling situation. The four cylinders of the product are arranged in-line, which has the merits of simple structure, low cost and convenient maintenance.

When using the air cooled diesel engine, the operator should be aware of that the product can not be powered off immediately even if the operator has stopped the operation. The operator should keep the engine idling for a while with medium and low speed. When the temperature of the product has declined appropriately, then the operator can power it off.

Technical Parameters
1. Model: F4L912
2. Crankshaft speed: 1500 -2500 rpm
3. Power: 32-51 kw
4. Type: four cylinders in-line engine with four strokes, air cooling system and normal air intake system
5. Model of flywheel housing: There are two options of SAE3 and SAE4.
6. Size of flywheel: There are three options of 8-inch, 10-inch and 11.5-inch.
7. Outline dimension: 860×673×815 mm
8. Shipping weight: 300 kg

As a specialized air cooled diesel engine manufacturer and supplier in China, Beichai Power Equipment also provides ISUZU water cooled diesel generator, core drill and water cooled diesel engine among others.

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