BF6L913C Air Cooled Diesel Engine

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BF6L913C Air Cooled Diesel Engine

By taking air cooling system, the BF6L913C air cooled diesel engine can work with appropriate temperature in any working conditions with any crankshaft speeds. The cylinder block and the exterior of cylinder head have been casted with several cooling fins which are used to increase the area of heat dissipation. The cooling fan makes the airflow blow over the cooling fins with high speed. Then the heat emitted by the product can be taken away timely to achieve effective cooling. The maximum power of the machine can be up to 141kw. So air cooled diesel engine is very suitable to be used in the fields of construction machinery, marine machinery, petroleum exploitation and other fields which require large driving force.

If you need to purchase a set of the engine, the BF6L913C type would be the preferable choice.

Technical Parameters
1. Model: BF6L913C
2. Crankshaft speed: 1500 -2500 rpm
3. Power: 84-141 kw
4. Type: six-cylinder in-line engine with four strokes, air cooling system and the technology of turbocharging and intercooling
5. Model of flywheel housing: It's optional with SAE3 or SAE4.
6. Size of the flywheel: There are three kinds of 8-inch, 10-inch and 11.5-inch for choosing.
7. Outline dimension: 1134×711×990 mm
8. Shipping weight: 510 kg

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