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DEUTZ Air Cooled Diesel Generator

By taking DEUTZ air cooled diesel engines as the prime movers, the DEUTZ air cooled diesel generator has the advantages of convenient to start, economical operation and high adaptability to environment. For the adopted diesel engine not using water as cooling medium, the product is especially suitable for use in droughty area which lacks of water. Meanwhile, the size of the equipment is relatively small for there are no water cooling system parts in air cooled diesel engine. The minimum size of the product is 1400×750×1000mm, which can save large occupied space.

There are nine different types of the air cooled diesel generator for customers to choose. The rated power of our products ranges from 12kw to 55kw and the standby power ranges from 14kw to 60kw, which can meet the needs of different application occasions.

Main Technical Parameters
Model Rated Power (kw ) Standby Power (kw ) Model of Diesel Engine Rated Power/Speed of Diesel Engine (kw/rpm ) Type of Speed Governor Outline Dimension (mm) Shipping Weight (kg)
BCP1-12 12 14 F2L912 14/1500 Mechanical Governor/ Electronic Governor 1400×750×1000 290
BCP1-20 20 22 F3L912 24/1500 1600×750×1000 320
BCP1-24 24 28 F4L912 32/1500 1700×800×1100 345
BCP1-26 32 36 F4L912T 41/1500 1700×800×1100 355
BCP1-40 40 44 F6L912 48/1500 2165×880×1530 455
BCP1-42 42 46 F6L913 51/1500 2165×880×1530 465
BCP1-B45 45 44 BF4L913 57/1500 1700×800×1100 395
BCP1-B70 70 78 BF6L913 88/1500 2175×880×1530 530
BCP1-B90 90 100 BF6L913C 114/1500 2175×880×1530 550

We are a DEUTZ air cooled diesel generator manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including ISUZU water cooled diesel generator, air cooled diesel engine, diesel generator and much more.

Other Products
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  • DEUTZ Water Cooled Diesel GeneratorThis series of DEUTZ water cooled diesel generator has five types with the rated powers of 200kw, 250kw, 300kw, 350kw and 400kw respectively.
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