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  • ISUZU Water Cooled Diesel GeneratorBy employing mechanical governor, the power of the diesel engine can be assured adapting to external load, which features stability and reliability.
    The product can be divided into two kinds with the models of BC1IBN-1500 and BC2IBN-1800. All the four kinds of water cooled diesel generators have the volume of 1800 ×750 ×1100mm and the weight of 750kg or 800kg, which are convenient to carry and achieve mobile operation...
  • DEUTZ Air Cooled Diesel GeneratorThe product is especially suitable for use in droughty area which lacks of water.
    The minimum size of the product is 1400×750×1000mm, which can save large occupied space.
    There are nine different types of the air cooled diesel generator for customers to choose. The rated power of our products ranges from 12kw to 55kw and the standby power ranges from 14kw to 60kw, which can meet the needs of different application occasions.
  • DEUTZ Water Cooled Diesel GeneratorThis series of DEUTZ water cooled diesel generator has five types with the rated powers of 200kw, 250kw, 300kw, 350kw and 400kw respectively.
    The speed governor of the water cooled diesel generator has two kinds which are mechanical and electronic governors. The mechanical governor features stability, reliability and low cost. The electronic governor can achieve stepless speed regulation, but its cost is comparatively high...

The diesel generator is a kind of power supply equipment which uses the diesel engine as the prime mover to drive the machine to generate the electricity. It mainly consists of three parts of diesel engine, generator and controller. Featuring rapid start, convenient operation and maintenance, low cost, high adaptability to environment, small volume, light weight and high flexibility, it has been widely used in a variety of enterprises and institutions as standby power or temporary power supply.

In order to meet the market demand, we have developed several series of diesel generator. According to the type of matched diesel engine, our products are divided into three kinds which are ISUZU water cooled type, DEUTZ air cooled type and DEUTZ water cooled type. They choose the ISUZU water cooled diesel engine, DEUTZ air cooled diesel engine and DEUTZ water cooled diesel engine as their own prime mover respectively. All these three kinds of product have the advantages of strong horsepower and high working reliability.

As an experienced diesel generator manufacturer and supplier in China, Beichai Power Equipment provides a wide range of products that includes air cooled diesel engine, core drilling machine, DEUTZ water cooled diesel generator and more.