XY-6B Core Drilling Machine

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XY-6B Core Drilling Machine

The XY-6B core drilling machine is a kind of mechanical transmission and hydraulic feeding spindle type core drilling equipment. The hydraulic chuck and automatic centering manual chuck are available for spindle. The spindle can achieve many grades of speeds in appropriate range, which can satisfy different drilling demands. The hoister of the equipment is equipped with water brake.

Featuring easy disassembling and transportation, convenient operation and maintenance, compacted structure and low running cost, the product has been widely applied for large borehole core drilling with diamond bit, solid mineral resources exploration and shallow petroleum and gas exploration. In addition, the equipment needs the motor or diesel engine as the power supply source.

Main Technical Parameters
Model XY-6B
Drilling Capacity (m)
Core Drilling
Φ50mm Drilling Rod 2000
Φ60mm Drilling Rod 1500
Wire-line Core Drilling
Φ55mm Drilling Rod 2000
Φ71mm Drilling Rod 1500
Φ89mm Drilling Rod 1000
Power Head
Inner Diameter of Spindle (mm) 96
Spindle Speed (rpm) Forward: 80-1000 Reverse: 62, 170
Spindle Stroke (mm) 600
Max. Torque of Spindle (KN.m) 6.7
Max. Pressuring Force of Spindle (KN) 125
Max. Lifting Force of Spindle (KN) 150
Drilling Angle 90°-80°
Hoisting Machine
Hoisting Capacity with Single Rope (KN) 60
Hoisting Speed (m/s) 0.66-4
Diameter of Wire Rope (mm) 20
Wire Rope Capacity (m) 140
Water Brake
Working Speed (rpm) 700-800
Balance Speed (m/s) 3-8
Balance Load (KN) 45
Power Unit
Motor Y250M-4, 55kW, 1480rpm
Diesel Engine 4135AG, 75Kw, 1500rpm
Outline Dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 3450×1500×2250
Weight (kg) (not including power unit) 3800

The core drilling machine takes usage of hydraulic feeding and lifting, which is particularly fir for large diameter drilling rod wire-line core drilling. It can enhance the drilling efficiency and decrease the accident rate in the borehole effectively. Meanwhile, the labor intensity of the workers can be reduced largely. The equipment can achieve many grades of spindle speeds and reasonable spindle speed range. The torque of the equipment is relatively large when the spindle speed is low. The matched drilling rods have two specifications with the diameters of 50mm and 60mm respectively, the drilling depth of which are up to 2000m and 1500m separately.

The product of our company is developed especially for meeting the needs of many kinds of fields and areas. The equipment is mainly used in the fields of geology, metallurgy, coal, water conservancy, construction, etc. It can also be employed to achieve engineering geological exploration, shallow petroleum and gas exploration, mine tunnel ventilation, drainage and other engineering construction.

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