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Founded in Beijing on the August of 2004, Beichai Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized diesel engine manufacturer in China. We produce high quality water cooled and air cooled diesel engine, water cooled diesel generator, and air cooled diesel genset. Our products are all built domestically with advanced foreign technologies. Our 4JB1 and 4JB1T series water cooled diesel engines are manufactured in China and incorporated with advanced Japanese ISUZU technology. Beichai Power Equipment also aggressively markets the 912 and 913 series air cooled and 1015 series water cooled diesel engines built with German DEUTZ technology. Our other popular models include the diesel generator sets with Cummins, Perkins, DEUTZ, and ISUZU technology. In addition, we make miscellaneous engine parts and supply third party Chinese brand diesel generators, if they are specifically requested by clients. Other machines such as core drilling machine and mud pump powered by our engines can also be provided by request.

With five years of experience in diesel engine manufacturing, marketing, and servicing, we have continuously infused innovative and cutting edge technology into our products. A professional management staff acts to assure the quality of our production procedures. We utilize a special engine test bench provided by Shanghai Qidong Dynamometer Co., Ltd., China's largest dynamometer manufacturer. This contraption precisely detects the power, torque, and crankshaft speed of diesel engines under 380kW. Thus, we can fully guarantee the stability and dependability of our diesel generator, core drill, and other products. All of our front-line operators are required to take a one year mandatory engine assembling and troubleshooting training course.

Beichai Power Equipment is located in the southern suburbs of Beijing, a 72 hour drive to the Shanghai Port and a mere two hour drive from the airport and Tianjin Port. After receiving an order, the specified model will immediately be queued for production and be delivered within 20 days of completion. Our high quality products and speedy services have garnered us positive feedback from domestic and international clients alike. Our diesel engine, diesel generator, and other products have been exported to Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, and Singapore, among other countries and regions.

Main Products
  • ISUZU 4JB1 Water Cooled Diesel EngineModel of the ISUZU 4JB1 water cooled diesel engine: 4JB1 (BN493D)
    Crankshaft speed: 1500-1800 rpm
    Type: four cylinders in-line engine with water cooling system and normal air intake system
    Size of flywheel: It's optional with 7.5-inch and 8-inch.
    Package dimension: 1160×720×960 mm...
  • ISUZU 4JB1T Water Cooled Diesel EngineCompared with ISUZU 4JB1 type, the ISUZU 4JB1T adopts turbo charging technology to improve air intake rather than the normal air intake mode, which can enhance the power and torque of the engine largely. Meanwhile, the application of the turbo charging technology can also bring about the advantages of high fuel economy and low exhaust emission. The product has been widely applied to various kinds of truck, bus, construction machinery and electric generating set. The basic principle of turbo charging technology is that the exhaust gas generated during the operation of internal combustion engine drives air compressor...