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Beichai is an experienced diesel engine and generator manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including water cooled diesel engine, air cooled diesel engine, diesel generator, and more.

Main Products
  • ISUZU 4JB1T Water Cooled Diesel EngineCompared with ISUZU 4JB1 type, the ISUZU 4JB1T adopts turbo charging technology to improve air intake rather than the normal air intake mode, which can enhance the power and torque of the engine largely. Meanwhile, the application of the turbo charging technology can also bring about the advantages of high fuel economy and low exhaust emission. The product has been widely applied to various kinds of truck, bus, construction machinery and electric generating set. The basic principle of turbo charging technology is that the exhaust gas generated during the operation of internal combustion engine drives air compressor. Then the air flow which enters in the internal...
  • DEUTZ Air Cooled Diesel GeneratorFor the adopted diesel engine not using water as cooling medium, the product is especially suitable for use in droughty area which lacks of water. Meanwhile, the size of the equipment is relatively small for there are no water cooling system parts in air cooled diesel engine. The minimum size of the product is 1400×750×1000mm, which can save large occupied space.
    There are nine different types of the air cooled diesel generator for customers to choose. The rated power of our products ranges from 12kw to 55kw and the standby power ranges from 14kw to 60kw, which can meet the needs of different application occasions....